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Five Surprising Benefits of Everyday Resilience

   | Pulished On: August 1, 2017| Category: Resilience

Life is good at throwing us curve balls.

While some are life-altering, like leaving home, suffering a serious injury or losing a family member, others are woven into in the fabric of our everyday lives.

We get dumped. We botch interviews. Our parents and bosses stress us out.

Though everyday setbacks can take the same toll on our physical and emotional wellness as their more monumental counterparts over time, many of us learn to simply shrug them off as the “small stuff.” So it’s not surprising that we tend to think of resilience as a quality that’s applicable only when real disaster strikes.

But resilience means so much more than responding capably in an emergency.

By applying principles of resilience to everyday dilemmas – not just cataclysmic hurricanes – we can foster our ability to face, learn and rebound from all of life’s unwelcome surprises – professional and personal, big and small.

Here are five of the most surprising benefits of activating resilience in your everyday life.

  1. You’re more present. Resilient people focus on the journey, not just the destination. When you make a conscious effort to shut out distractions (we’re looking at you, Instagram) and focus your attention on the present moment, you become more open to and aware of life’s simple pleasures. Over time, cultivating a stronger sense of presence also equips you with stability and perspective that are priceless when it comes to coping with challenges.
  2. You learn to respond, not react. When conflict arises, many of us launch directly into fight or flight mode. If we’re not bolting out the back door, we’re strapping on our boxing gloves. But resilient people prove that it’s far more effective to respond to situations thoughtfully than it is to react impulsively. Resilience gives you the power to take a step back, focus on what you can control in the moment, like self-acceptance, and respond to challenges more tactfully.
  3. You’re able to manage distraction more effectively. We live in a world of constant interruption and our attention spans are taking a hit. A goldfish’s attention span is 9 seconds. In 2013, researchers at the University of California found that ours are only 8 seconds, down from an average of 12 in 2000. When distraction strikes, which it will, a resilient mindset will enable you to gather your scattered energy, refocus and ultimately get more done.
  4. You make things happen. Resilient people don’t make excuses. They are motivated to accomplish tasks without procrastination.
  5. Fear becomes a tailwind instead of a headwind. At some point, you’re going to make mistakes at work. After all, you’re only human. But getting frustrated with yourself and avoiding future situations out of fear of failure will only hinder your development in the long run. Resilience is all about falling down, getting back up and applying what you’ve learned each time.

RallyBright Resources:

ARQ™ – RESILIENCE: Your ARQ™ Resilience score indicates your current state of resilience. We define resilience as your ability to engage, sustain, rebound and learn from experiences.
READINESS: Readiness is all about attention. Can you focus and be fully present, or are you distracted by the past and worried about your future?
ACCEPTANCE: Acceptance measures the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. Can you metaphorically take yourself out to a dinner and a movie, or do you constantly beat yourself up and spend your time thinking about the person you feel you should be?
Learn more about personal resilience, readiness, and acceptance at

Boost your performance in life by activating your resilience today.

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